7 symptoms that signal that Diabetic nerves are damaged.

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7 symptoms that signal that Diabetic nerves are damaged.

One of the complications of diabetics is damage to the peripheral nerves. Also known as peripheral neuropathy, which is often found in diabetics who rarely control sugar or have been sick for more than 1 year

This is because high blood sugar builds up to nerves causing inflammation. And unable to send - receive signals of nerve impulses normally 

The symptoms that are warning signs are as follows: 

1. Feeling dull in the feet or palms with little to no sensation of the soles of the feet when walking or the fingertips when grasping the things

2.Like a sharp needle stabbed or a light socket and lost it along the tip of the hand and toes

3. Lose balance in balance Like a weak person When walking down the foot in walking like the leg muscles are weak. Make the weight not the same.

4. There is an abnormal flexion of the toes. Not aligned like normal toes.

5. Have wounds on the feet that occur easily or often, but I do not know that. A wound occurs.

6. Hands and feet feel hot and cold more easily than normal. Sensitive to the touch that will make it more painful, such as holding a hot coffee cup. Then felt pain faster than usual

7.Sleep at night Difficulty feeling in your feet or hands Makes getting up difficult

Here are 7 signs of diabetics indicating that peripheral nerves are inflamed. Which must be fixed and maintained

Which currently found Alternative medical studies have found that curcumin It can reduce the complications that occur with the peripheral nerve (peripheral neuropathy complication)

by blocking the inflammatory process that sugar provokes. To help protect and restore damaged nerves

Curcumin substance It is an active drug that is an alternative in the care of complications that will damage the peripheral nerves in all diabetics

to inhibit, delay, help restore nerves to prevent illness and 7 symptoms that occur.

 But one very important consideration is the nature of common turmeric powder. When eaten Is absorbed very little into the body, less than 1%,

so do not be surprised that Why are we eating together? To not see much results Compared to the research study discovered

Selection of Curcumin or Turmeric Finished Products in Different Forms Therefore need to choose a formula or an innovative extraction to increase the absorption The body will benefit fully And in the direction that international research finds

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