4 causes leading to cirrhosis That there is still a way to prevent and reduce violence

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4 causes leading to cirrhosis That there is still a way to prevent and reduce violence

Cirrhosis is the thirteenth leading cause of death for humans on this planet, including Thais, among all causes of death.

The main causes are from 4 reasons as follows:

1. Hepatitis B 37.3% (chronic hepatitis B cirrhosis (37.3%)

2. From drinking alcohol, beer 24.1% (alcoholic liver disease cirrhosis (24.1%).

3. Liver virus. hepatitis C 22.3% (Chronic hepatitis the C Cirrhosis (22.3%) 

4. fatty liver disease 16.4% (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cirrhosis (16.4%)

, which is the fourth reason that hepatitis C beer and fatty. The liver all leads to inflammation of the liver cells. At the effects of chronic repeated inflammation Causing the destruction of the web Degenerative liver cells Not being able to work properly, the

result is that when examining the liver, the inflammation is high The liver enzyme values ​​are also high.

And expressive symptoms such as indigestion, indigestion, digestive system disorders. Pain on the right side of the skeleton, fatigue, yellow eyes, yellow body,

that means Occurrence of liver disease From any cause, the end result will be a mechanism common to liver damage, is an inflammatory process in chronic itself

preventive treatment or rehabilitation must focus to inhibit or impede the inflammatory process that occurs that

choosing nutrient or. Herbal active ingredient Likewise, you need to choose nutrients or herbs that have properties that have been researched. It has the ability to inhibit inflammation of the liver.

From the picture, you can see that

Curcumin Extracted from turmeric There have been studies on the benefits that help maintain the liver Which was destroyed by all 4 reasons above effectively

Because if we manage to inhibit the inflammatory process, it will inhibit, prevent, or slow down the occurrence of inflammation of the liver cells. That will lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the next,

so if we understand the causes and mechanisms of this. We will be able to take care and protect the liver from being damaged.

Especially those who are at risk of all four such main causes is hepatitis. Eating liquor, beer and fatty liver,

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