PM 2.5 dust can cause arthritis.

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PM 2.5 dust can cause arthritis.

PM 2.5 dust can cause arthritis.

This research, Particulate matter exposure aggravates osteoarthritis severity, was published in the 2019 clinical science journal Clinical Science (Clin Sci (Lond) (2019) 133 (21): 2171--2187.)

. That PM 2.5 dust can destroy the joints, especially those who have problems with Including disadvantages Explained by the mechanism of birth that is in medical science. 

In addition, PM 2.5 dust is a serious stimulant. That cause a chain-like inflammatory process in the body This type of inflammation is the culprit that damages the health of the entire system in every organ in the body,

so PM 2.5 dust is not a joke Because of the chain reaction it has entered the body It may result in healthier people. Jogging Immediate death

A research aid that is highly safe and can help treat arthritis is curcumin. Which is the active ingredient found in turmeric 

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