Sweating of the intestines Resulting in the following diseases

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Sweating of the intestines Resulting in the following diseases

Do you know that the human gut supports up to 40 tons of food in total, which is hard work and deterioration of the intestines? The disease follows. 

People eat an average of 1-1.5 kg of food per day, much less, varies in

one year, 365 days, 365 * 1.5 = 547 kg.

If you're 20 years old now, you're eating 547 * 20. = 10,940 kg, or 10 tonnes,

if you are now 30 years old, you will eat 547 * 30 = 16,410 kg or 16 tonnes,

if you are 40 now you will eat 547 * 40 = 21,880 kg or 21 tonnes.

If you are now 50 years old, you will have eaten 547 * 50 = 27,350 kg or 27 tonnes,

if you are now 60 years old you will have eaten 547 * 60 = 32,820 kg or 32 tonnes.

You think The digestive system or intestines is responsible for digestion and absorbing nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Working to digest tens of tons of food Throughout your decades Many of them may be more. Because our house has buffet food to eat every day

The intestines work so hard. If not properly cared for and treated, do you think that the performance will be the same or that nutrients are absorbed as well as before?

Do not forget to take care of the digestive system and intestines. There are also supplements in this colon care group, such as prebiotic nutrients. Quality polyphenol foods are another convenient option. If unable to eat foods that are good for the intestines normally

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