How to maintain and protect the liver from toxins, drugs, chemicals and harmful residues in food.

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How to maintain and protect the liver from toxins, drugs, chemicals and harmful residues in food.

Many people think that edible herbs will damage the liver and damage the kidneys, but many people don't know if herbs are taken properly. You can eat it, but the toxic heavy metal residues in vegetables, fruit, or even a chemical eats in a day apart, the destruction and damage to the liver rather than the herbs they are on

From the illustration, it can be seen that

heavy metal toxins such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc., are contaminated with food, air, or even chemical drugs. This includes PM 2.5 dust that can harm the liver as well.

The dangerous passenger mentioned above In medicine, they are known as hepatotoxic substances or hepatotoxicity,

so taking these substances either accidentally or unintentionally leads to liver toxicity. And can damage the liver Including people with fatty liver disease People who drink beer as well

and in the illustration can see that curcumin extracted from turmeric. Will help prevent and prevent harm that will occur to the liver cells
As well as help restore liver cells That is damaged by the destruction of these substances

Curcumin substance Therefore classified as an active drug To step up to protect liver cells From many dangerous causes Whether it is toxic, fatty liver, alcohol, beer is not the culprit. That had been known that Eating turmeric herbs will damage the liver itself,

but common turmeric powder. That has not been extracted to get an active ingredient such as curcumin Will have very few features Because it is rarely absorbed into the body Therefore eating and not seeing results

Therefore, an innovative extraction is used to increase the absorption In order to have a greater amount of absorption To qualify as close to the research study Can take care, protect and restore liver cells,

so turmeric, especially the active substances such as curcumin It is a nutrient that has properties to protect and take care of the liver. Therefore suitable for people with liver problems Fatty liver, hepatitis, dyspepsia Easily exhaustion, etc.

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