Drug-resistant colon cancer cells, can CBD help?

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Drug-resistant colon cancer cells, can CBD help?

Cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy is something that can happen over time. This is because cancer cells are constantly adapting to reduce the harm of chemotherapy drugs that can be put on them.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) cells in chemotherapy were found to be colon cancer cells. Resistance to a drug called Oxaliplatin leads to more treatment failure,

and studies show that the phytocannabinoids from cannabis, hemp and curcumin from turmeric. When used in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs or radiation, it increases the efficiency of the removal of cancer cells, which helps reduce the resistance mechanisms of chemotherapy.

 From the illustration you can see that
Of CBD, which is available in both marijuana and hemp eradicate cancer cells in combination with Oxaliplatin cells of colon cancer were more and to make cancer is resistant to chemotherapy to treat

means that, if used. CBD, the less chemical drugs used. But the effectiveness will be more important to reduce the harm or side effects of chemotherapy

in the near future. We may even see treatment for cancer patients. With the use of these joint drug formulations That is being studied and research that progresses more and more.

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