Diabetes complications How to care, prevent and treat

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Diabetes complications How to care, prevent and treat

Diabetic eye Diabetes causes leg cuts Diabetes causes numbness of the hands and feet. Diabetes causes the kidneys to deteriorate. Diabetes causes fatty liver. These symptoms How to care, prevent and treat

The current study found that Using only one curcumin Can help to reduce, prevent and jointly treat the complications of diabetes that occur in many diseases such as     

                 1. Diabetes eye. Makes the eyes see blurred vision, impaired vision and blindness

                 2. Diabetes causes foot ulcers and slow healing, leading to severe infections that eventually lead to gangrene and amputation.

                 3. Diabetes causes nerve damage. Until causing numbness along the hands and feet Burning pain.

                 4. Diabetes causes kidney deterioration. Decreased kidney function Makes proteins leak from the kidneys.

                 5. Diabetes causes fatty liver. Leading to hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer

the properties that have been researched according to the illustrations make curcumin an alternative in the care of complications from diabetes.

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