Detox the brain with resveratrol To prevent and help take care of dementia patients

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Detox the brain with resveratrol To prevent and help take care of dementia patients

The brain is like any other organ in the body. When used for a long time There is inevitably wear and tear Waste and toxins accumulate in brain cells.

Which waste and these toxins If there is no clearing or cleaning away It will cause harm to the brain of all people.

At present, we have found that the study These wastes and toxins can lead to deterioration of the brain and lead to brain diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's,and toxins, called free radicals and proteins. That amyloid beta, especially amyloid beta, is found to be the leading cause of dementia and memory loss.

Observed from There will be more serious memory and behavioral or emotional problems at different stages, such as forgetfulness, loss of concentration, hallucinations, slowed movement. Until unable to perform daily activities on their own

From the illustration, you can see that

Eating nutrition resveratrol It will help to manage and clear free radicals and proteins that are toxic to brain cells. Which is like a toxin that will make the brain of people or people with dementia There is damage, there is a deterioration, and the nerve current cannot be the same. It leads to brain diseases such as Alzheimer's memory loss,

so people who are at risk of dementia or the onset of dementia. It is therefore recommended to take more resveratrol, especially these people,

people with a history of cerebrovascular disease,

people with a history of thyroid hormone deficiency

elderly 65 years of age, and

people with a history of parents or grandparents. Dementia

People who start their memory short do not remember anything,

people who work hard. Having to think of work all the time, executives, business owners, etc.

Our brains are filled with waste and toxins every day. Therefore, the brain needs to be cleaned. To keep brain cells healthy 

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