The benefits of cod liver oil

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The benefits of cod liver oil

The benefits of cod liver oil

1. Vitamin D enhances the function of the element calcium. Phosphorus as well. Thereby enhancing the growth of bones and teeth

2. Help prevent rickets in children. Severe tooth decay Scoliosis Osteoporosis in the elderly

3. Vitamin D helps the absorption of vitamin A in cod liver oil very well.

4. Vitamin D can help treat conjunctivitis.

5.As an antioxidant Protects the skin And the eyes from being damaged by pollution

6. Fish oil benefits Contributes to detoxification in the body

7. Properties of cod liver oil helps in tissue repair and wound healing.

8. Stimulates the immune system to work effectively.

9. Vitamin A can help reduce the time of illness from various diseases as well.

10. Helps relieve pain in the body. Especially symptoms of arthritis (Isla Bosworth of the National Institute of Joint Disease Research).

11. Use in conjunction with modern cancer treatment. It can help kill cancer cells. Prevent the spread of cancer cells.

12. Helps reduce side effects from chemotherapy or radiation.

Did you know? The above properties are similar to the more herbal drink, which contains Cordicipin extract from Cordyceps, which helps maintain the internal organs, liver, lungs, kidneys, detoxification and enhances the body's immune system related to The incidence of cancer and also contains cummin, steroidal-alkaloid from quince, it takes care of the internal organs pressure, inflammation of the body. It also contains tannins that come from amla. That help take care of cholesterol, liver cirrhosis, excretory system and free radical immune system Want to find an alternative to take care of yourself easily It also tastes sweet, easy to eat, try more, try more.

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