Premium grade Thai herbal shampoo.




Concentrated two-in-one shampoo Combining the power of many natural herbs Helps to take care of your hair and scalp to be healthy. reduce shedding Keep your hair alive reduce oiliness on the scalp After washing, my hair is smooth and not tangled.

feature :
Mac Herbs picks up 8 medicinal properties in the recipe to take care of your hair, such as betel nut, black sesame, mee leaves, wormwood, wormwood, butterfly pea flowers, cold pressed coconut oil. Aloe vera extract, etc., to take care of hair problems. and the scalp of 10 Thai people
  1. Reduce hair loss
  2. Soft and shiny hair
  3. thick, soft hair
  4. stimulate hair to grow faster
  5. Reduce itching, white scab and red rash.
  6. slow down gray hair
  7. reduce the oiliness of the scalp
  8. Strengthens hair roots and scalp
  9. Strengthen the regeneration of hair.
  10. chemical free

Ingredients and properties of herbs in the recipe:
1. HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA EXTRACT Plu Kao is rich in decanoyl acetaldehyde. (Decanoylacetaldehyde), which has the effect of killing bacteria. and contains quercetin, vitamins and minerals which increases blood flow To increase the strength of the blood vessels to feed the scalp Reduces inflammation and stimulates the growth of new hair. to make me strong detox the scalp It also effectively reduces hair loss problems when used regularly.

2. ECLIPTA PROSTRATA EXTRACT Kameng helps to cure premature gray hair. Treatment of skin diseases, rashes, chronic skin diseases, black hair

3. SESAMUM INDICUM SEED OIL Black sesame helps nourish the hair roots to be strong. and help my hair shine not easy to fall off Helps prevent and reduce gray hair Because black sesame seeds are rich in nutrients that are essential for hair such as sesamin and important minerals.

4. TINOSPORA CRISPA STEM EXTRACT wormwood helps nourish the skin to be bright. contains antioxidants Helps to slow down aging benefits of wormwood Helps to make hair thicker and gray hair Hair loss will be reduced. This will be very effective for those who have premature gray hair. Cure itchy scalp, dandruff, Channatu

5. LITSEA GLUTINOSA LEAF EXTRACT Mee leaf is used to relieve irritation of the skin. ringworm treatment used as a shampoo Helps prevent dandruff and make me soft Can be used as a coating and hair to protect and moisturize the skin and hair.

6. CLITORIA TERNATEA FLOWER EXTRACT Butterfly pea flower helps to slow down aging and aging. Helps to treat hair loss Anchan paints eyebrows, paints the head, is used as a hair growth drug. Growing hair helps to make it more shiny. Help grow hair, make hair more black.

7. COCOS NUCIFERA OIL Cold pressed coconut oil helps reduce dry hair and split ends well. If you have sunburn Cold pressed coconut oil can help your skin return to normal quickly. will help make the skin smoother add moisture Reduce dry, peeling skin Suitable for people with very dry skin, coconut oil can reduce redness from acne as well. Simply applying coconut oil to the redness area of ​​acne regularly will help reduce the redness to fade.

8. ALOE VERA LEAF EXTRACT Aloe Vera Extract Reduce oiliness and itchy scalp Cleans and reduces bacteria build-up. Nourish the hair roots soft and smooth. Hair is shiny, voluminous, easy to style, makes the scalp look healthy.

9. BIOTIN Biotin (Biotin), vitamin H (Vitamin H) or vitamin B7 (Vitamin B7) is a water-soluble vitamin. Strengthens keratin, an important protein in the structure of the hair and back, good for our hair and skin. reduce hair loss slow down premature gray hair prevent skin diseases prevent baldness Strengthen the structure of the hair It's like adding nutrients to our hair.

10 .PANTHENOL Vitamin B5 cares and protects hair. Prevents dryness of hair Helps repair the outer surface of the hair that has been corroded by perm solutions, straighteners and heat from drying, drying, protecting the hair, moisturizing the hair and scalp from being damaged by heat or chemicals, strengthening the hair to be soft. sleek and shiny There is no weight, dry or frizzy or split ends and also prevent dandruff.

11. PEG-80 SORBITAN LAURATE A soft foaming agent often used in soap products or shampoos to wash your baby's hair. which is gentle on hair allowing children to share with their mothers

How to use: Apply shampoo to hair and scalp, gently massage until foaming, then rinse with clean water. Repeat again, leave for 3-10 minutes, then rinse. Can be used daily

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