Return condition

Payment terms and conditions (example)
You agree to abide by guidelines, orders, operating regulations. Policies and recommendations for ordering products through the platform. Includes any amendments to the foregoing, which are enforced by us. And you assume that you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the changes once they are published on the Platform. These terms and conditions of payment are applicable only to orders for Products and payments made by you and the Seller.

  1. You agree to pay for products by credit or debit card that can be used for legal settlement.
  2. You agree not to cancel the payment at a later date unless Ordering goods between you and the seller is not subject to the agreement. The product has not been delivered. Or the product you receive is significantly different from the description that you received from the seller, in the sole discretion of the seller
  3. You acknowledge the rules for refunds that are successful and can only be done with the seller's consent and notifying the request for a refund.
  4. You acknowledge all refunds to be made through the original payment mechanism and to the person making the payment.
  5. You acknowledge no guarantee that your money back will be credited to your account on a timely basis. Processing may take time and depends on each bank. And / or the payment provider that processed the refund.

Return policy
Exchange or return policy It is something that you should let your customers know before and after their purchase. Most of which will have the following topics

  1. Period that the customer can notify the exchange / return of the product, for example, within 30 days of receiving the product.
  2. Requirements during product exchange / refund, for example, if the same product is not refunded or exchanged for another item.
  3. Conditions such as product condition, price tag, package / parcel box, receipt, etc.
  4. Who is responsible for collection / return shipping? Including the shipping cost incurred
  5. Delivery time for new item / Refund After receiving the returned item
If the store does not accept exchange or return, please state that "cannot exchange or return.
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